A wine and cheese spread in front of a large, square backlit image. A forest scene of emerald green flora and tall, robust moss-covered old growth trees in Harrison Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

Backlit Photolucents® Series

British Columbia's old growth forests are deep, dark and lush.  Soft floors of moss and needles muffle and mute sounds. When we are bathed in the emerald light of these old growth trees, what ancient memories emerge? What stories do these forests have to tell?

Our Backlit Photolucents® series marries the power of nature and light to create the most dynamic and powerful medium yet: it is as though you are in the forest standing amongst the trees, sunlight illuminating the forest floor to reveal its emerald-coloured wonders. 

These pieces are controlled via a wireless remote for on/off and to change the intensity of light. Each piece is assembled by hand and individually tested for optimal quality lighting.

Dimensions for "Deep in a Forest" (displayed): 54" x 54"  

Please contact us for price and shipping.  Custom orders are welcomed.