Art itself is about extending the artist’s experiential perspective toward an audience. Similar to a pencil or a paintbrush, a camera is merely a tool to capture and frame these moments in time. A photograph becomes an artwork once a personal moment becomes a sharable eternal one.

An artist’s subject is chosen to express that which they wish to bring into everyday. Just like a walk through the forest or sunbathing on a shoreline, nature photography creates subjective experiences. Subjectivity is the foundation of all art, and it is interpretation which makes the landscapes and wildlife come to life.

Limited edition means that there will only be a pre-determined number of pieces produced of each photograph. Limited editions for the Karen Cooper Gallery apply only to the larger pieces, pieces which will have the smallest dimension of 30 inches or more; for example the smallest piece in an edition might be 30” x 45”. The typical number for the Karen Cooper Gallery is 300 which include one Artist Proof and 299 reproductions. 

The Karen Cooper Gallery does not itself directly print the photographs. Quality, archival printing is a specialty product requiring experience, skill, and professional equipment. The gallery takes great care and effort in sourcing professional labs to ensure that all printing is of the absolute finest quality.

Yes you can. Contact the gallery directly by email or phone and we will go to work. If your choice, subject to availability and is of a suitable size it will become part of the limited edition.

Yes. Contact the gallery and we will discuss your framing options.

Yes, each piece, whether of a limited edition of not, carries a digitally embedded Karen Cooper signature. Limited edition pieces carry an additional signed verso certificate applied to the back of the piece.

The Karen Cooper supplies instruction and the necessary hanging hardware in each shipment.

Once your order has been shipped we will email you the tracking number.

Absolutely. The gallery chooses the most secure and reliable option to ensure safe shipping to you. Should something go wrong please know that the gallery will promptly replace your artwork.

Yes we do but there are certain restrictions: if you are experiencing difficulties in placing an order please contact the gallery directly. Although we wish to accommodate everyone, there are countries which we are unable to ship to.

The gallery will apply appropriate provincial and federal taxes to shipments within Canada. We do not apply taxes to international shipments; however, the customer is responsible for any taxes or duties applicable to the country of destination.