Dream Keeper

Dream Keeper

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The legend of an ancient maple tree has circulated
for years, my quest to find her took three.
Rain and mist roll gently through the forest where The Seer lives:
the silence is broken
by the gentle babbling of a nearby creek and the myriad of birds that make it their home. This is where magic lives, where time is endless and legends leave their legacies
in the layers of moss that enshroud her.
Her main limb is approximately 80 feet long, reaching towards light and life in the shadowy gloom of the ancient forest she lives in.

Research is an important part of what I do, my love of the natural world takes me to distant and unusual places in British Columbia.
 I have developed an emotional connection to The Seer, she embodies the essence of who I am and what I am drawn to photograph.

1 Artist Proof / 300 Limited Edition

Premium Lustre Photographic Paper
Our premium lustre and cotton-blend paper prints use the latest generation of superior inks to ensure both colour fidelity and an archival level of stability for long-lasting artworks.
Aluminium Prints

Aluminum prints are crafted using dye sublimation, a process that involves infusing dyes under heat and pressure directly into a glaze coated on the aluminum. The dyes are suspended just above the metal's surface, allowing light to pass through and reflect off the metal, creating an illuminated effect from behind. Our most substantial aluminum panel measures 4 feet by 8 feet (1.22m x 2.44m), but larger images can be achieved by using multiple panels. This allows for impressive and expansive artwork installations.

Dye sublimation produces an archival quality print that will last a life time. These prints can be placed in various environments, whether indoors or outdoors. For example, a large piece positioned above our gallery entrance, and exposed to the elements for several years, has shown no apparent signs of deterioration. To provide added protection against harsh environmental conditions, we have the capability to laminate glass onto the surface of our metal prints. This additional safeguard proves particularly useful for applications like backsplashes and showers.

These art pieces offer versatile display options - they can be either hung flat on the wall using the provided hanging hardware, or elegantly framed. Moreover, maintaining the surface is effortless, as the supplied microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol make cleaning a breeze.

Canvas Prints
Our exhibition quality canvas prints are created with premium archival inks providing an optimum vibrancy for both a large colour gamut and rich black and whites. Each print is laminated with a protective UV liquid coating which penetrates deep into the canvas for lasting protection, your art will endure for generations. 

All of our canvas works are hand-stretched onto Canadian kiln dried bevelled hemlock, and the edges are finished with premium non-glare fabric tape. 

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