Vancouver and the Supermoon

Orange moon rising over Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC surrounded by brightly lit buildings.

I have waited several years to be able to photograph the supermoon over Vancouver. The fun is in the planning, choosing a location that will give you an interesting skyline, weather conditions have to be just right. I took two days of scouting to find a location with safe conditions, nighttime shooting amongst the hustle and bustle of the city can be outright dangerous. Testing the camera gear to make sure all is in good working before you arrive to the shooting location and getting there early is important. In this case due to the azimuth of the moon rise I chose a location that overlooked Stanley Park and the West End of Vancouver.

Watching the bright orange moon rising is nothing short of awe inspiring, the colours in the sky shift and fade constantly.  I wondered what the people in the buildings were seeing from their location.

The joy and challenges of photography never fade, they are rewarding and an incredible glimpse into the wonders of our world. I come away from this experiences with an inner peace that is beyond compare.