The Floating Gallery: Our Collaboration with Remote West Coast Adventures

The Floating Gallery: Our Collaboration with Remote West Coast Adventures

We are proud to announce our amazing partnership with Remote West Coast Adventures, a company who hosts inspiring, luxurious adventures aboard their vintage tugboat, the Union Jack. This vessel has been transformed into a Floating Gallery, its interior spaces adorned with Karen Cooper's fine art nature photography. It has become an extension of our own physical gallery.

Together we create a unique opportunity for guests to bear witness to the bountiful, authentic beauty of British Columbia's nature, unfiltered and constantly present. It is about extending the natural world outside of the vessel to immerse each passenger into a visual journey of Karen's own journey into the very essence of Nature herself. 

Each work is meant to connect with our own memories: to our travel stories, life’s narratives, and personal experiences. Aboard the Union Jack, each piece is a visual conservation of the shifting lands and waters of British Columbia; each is a fragment of BC's longstanding environmental heritage.

The Union Jack, too, is about creating authentic moments and lasting memories with their passengers, as one luxuriously explores the beauty of British Columbia. This experience is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have an intimate connection with this province unlike any other. 

To learn more about this phenomenal collaboration, please visit Remote West Coast Adventure's website (, and follow their social media @remotewestcoastadventures.