Spring is Finally Here, Almost!

Blue skies and snow-capped peaks above a golden grassland filled with sparse boreal trees reflected in a clear river

I know it doesn't seem like it, but spring is edging her way into the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.  In between the hail storms and unexpected snow last night, the wind off of the mountains doesn't have that frigid winters bite to it.  Robins have made their long journey back to us, the sure sign that wildlife knows far more than we do when it comes to getting the early worms.

I've spent so many hours in nature that the signs are clear to read, albeit subtle and fleeting. The willow tips take on a different shade of red which will soon be lovely green leaves wrapped in their last protective coating before emerging to sunshine.  Eagles now appear in pairs and soar close to their nests left unattended after their eaglets left for wider skies last year. The skies take on a glorious blue hue that can only mean spring, gone are the dark greys of rain and sleet. A slight stirring of the soul of nature into a new season.

My hope is that spring can bring renewal and hope into our world, which has been under tremendous pressure and stress over the last year.  I have never felt anything except incredible awe and peace when I am immersed in nature, the rhythms and flow of the seasons act like a gentle warm blanket for the soul.