Photography Bucket List

Photography Bucket List

Most photographers have a bucket list of images they want to capture.  For me it was baby loons riding on their parents' back.

This might seem like an easy mission, simply find a pair of loons that have chicks, or loonlets as they are called, and set about your task.  Easier said than done.

I had a good idea on where to look and found a pair on a fairly small lake, I made three separate trips to photograph them. I don't spook or encroach on any wildlife, my ethics and morals won't allow for disturbance of animals that have a hard enough time surviving in our changing world. 

I used an inflatable kayak to simply float around and tried to look like something harmless.  Keeping a 400 mm lens steady on a bouncing kayak was a challenge, one that brought peels of laughter, both from the loons as well as myself; my improvised camera platform (an upside down garbage can) helped - again peels of laughter from all corners of the lake. The wildlife was not taking me seriously!

After many enjoyable hours "being-at-one" with the nature, I did capture what I hope reflects the amazing bond between mother and chicks. The mother and father are never far from their offspring, their protective instincts are in overdrive at this vulnerable stage of loonlet development. Being able to share these moments of their love and devotion is something I will always cherish.