The Tale Behind Luminous Journey (Limited Edition Print)

The Tale Behind Luminous Journey (Limited Edition Print)


Once one has encountered the diversity of the life and beauty of the wilderness, there is no turning back. The forest is a symphony produced through a slow evolution of decay and regrowth, and fed by the passing light; it is a continual process of orchestrated regeneration, one that has existed for eons of time. When journeying through the wilderness, we become witnesses to this eternal life which resides from the forest floor to its canopy. The very idea makes us think of some new cosmic ideology with nefarious characters.

Luminous Journey illustrates how the canopy of ancient trees filter light down to the forest floor, both for nourishment to their tiny offspring, while lighting the dim pathway for those who wander through their foliage. The wilderness is home to a multitude of beings, each silently waiting to be encountered. As the light guides one through the ancient pathways, the wilderness yearns to have another bear witness to its mystical wisdom.  

Trees are the voices of the wilderness' secrets, the guardians of nature's deeply rooted knowledge. 

Trees become a presence within our interior spaces, portraits of the witnesses to ancient tellings of a deep time, of the temporal landscape before our own. Trees are the guardians to this esoterica, to a language beyond our comprehension, yet visible within our spaces. It is evoked like a song, a vibrant dance of greens which produce enlivened spaces, populated by ever-evolving ecosystems that have existed since time immemorial. 

Nature photography produces the portraits of these wise subjects: the tree's presence becomes iconizied, the one moment in time of our journey sealed between ink and metal. We yearn to share these intimate narratives of nature with our own. We desire to bring back what we have witnessed in nature into our interior spaces and to restore our wonder in the vast natural world which we are a small part of.