"Loving Embrace:" What Nature Can Teach Us

Happy Earth Day!

Every year we take this day to think about our connection with nature. We brainstorm and collectively agree to be more consciously aware  of our daily actions, particularly concerning our resource consumption: Did we compost our scraps? Is this container recyclable? How much electricity am I using? 

We may all ask, at the end of day: How do I embrace nature in my everyday lifestyle? 

On Earth Day, we typically celebrate our world by travelling outside of our urban sphere's limits, crossing its threshold into the vast, magnificent wilderness; yet areas that have carefully been explored and curated by people past who cultivated the perimeters for the parks. Yet we still feel like explorers wandering into unknown lands, ready to listen and learn from the forest which surrounds us.

How do we embrace nature?  

Like the deep, sprawling roots of trees, we are all inherently connected to the planet, and the land we reside on. The forest is a heavily networked community, under the common goal of being there for eachother; to survive altogether through a symbiotic mandate under the banner of co-existence. In this realm, life remains consistently conscious of its decisions; no one member ever takes more than they need. In their own way, this network of organisms is one based on a pure, and most intrinsic, form of reciprocity, founded on an exchange for everlasting prosperity. 

How can nature teach us this? 

Let nature take you into her arms, and feel the warmth of being present among so much life and forms. Let the landscape embrace you. Let's expand our feelings toward Earth Day and make it a lifelong practice of conscious consumption, and a sense of a strong desire to explore and be present with the natural world. Let's embrace nature back, in a grateful and respectful manner, showing life we care for her existence as much as for our own.