Into the Heart of Nature, Biophilia and Me

Fine art luxury contemporary nature photography by internationally recognized Vancouver local artist Karen Cooper at her British Columbia gallery on Granville Island. A landscape filled with lush, tall evergreens and rugged mountains near a roaring stream

I've yearned for a photo trip for months now; locked down in the city I keenly longed for nature's corrective support. The term "nature deficit disorder" comes to mind, nothing to be mocked or taken lightly. At last - escape, on the road!

A two week nature tour seems like a long time; in reality it goes by in a heartbeat. Each day brings new challenges and new scenery, my senses became alive, just the mere smell of pine forests and clean air intoxicating. I felt at home, once again experiencing a deep sense of being.

The feeling of purity from the natural world is addictive. The wildflowers blooming in the alpine, their colours punctuating recognition against a sea of dominate greens, bright sunshine, and luminous blue skies. This trip I visited with the parks of Mt. Robson, Jasper, Yoho and Banff, which are some of the Western Canadian parks open for us to revel in this summer display.

Biophilia, a word first coined by Eric Fromm in 1964 and popularized by E.O Wilson means the innate tendency for humans to seek connections to the natural world and its life forms. I think the word is more than appropriate at this time in human history. I love the natural word, the last two weeks have renewed my sense of self. 

I'm already planning the next trip, I'll give the back yard plants a good hug or two, there are pathways in the Rockies as yet unexplored. I cannot live without nature, pure and simple.