Enchanted Island: The Journey Toward Paradise

Enchanted Island: The Journey Toward Paradise

What do we seek when we embark on a wilderness journey?

Whenever I travel into nature, camera in hand, empowered by nature's spirit I am enchanted. During my adventure at the ocean's edge, I found this rocky island with its salt-encrusted barnacles and sun-dried algae. Its only inhabitants trees, once themselves seedlings on their own adventurous journey, and the occasional migratory bird. All too romantic; it is the ideal landscape. 

This is the spirit of Vancouver Island’s Juan de Fuca Strait. It is a journey we all should embark upon, a moment to find ourselves lost amongst tall trees and briny air – to be swept away by our natural world.

Nature's spirit veiled by mysticism with a plethora of narratives enchants our senses and creates a landscape for pure imagination. Fueled by curiosity, embraced by wind and sea we long for more. We wish to connect to where we stand, to journey into and find identity with the present moment. 

Where does the enchantment of nature begin and where does it end? We value these pockets of the unknown, we yearn to know their secrets and we value the solitude.

As I looked out upon this small island I found what I sought – a realm to proclaim my own.