Back to Nature

Fine art luxury contemporary nature photography by internationally recognized Vancouver local artist Karen Cooper at her British Columbia gallery on Granville Island. A detail of a green lush moss-covered tree in a Pacific Northwest old growth rainforest

As you are reading this I am preparing for my first photographic road trip since lock down. Our world is experiencing a difficult time, from normal to not normal in no time  - but it has given us opportunity to reflect.

Nature has always been my solace, the relief in my life to get through tough times and the pandemic has been denying that solace until now when we are permitted to travel and visit the land again. I have a deep love for nature that goes beyond words. It is an ineffable relationship, it cannot be described in words, my photographer task is to capture ephemeral moments when something deep and ancient within connects with the natural world without. Nature doesn't have to be all pretty skies and sunshine, sometimes it is stormy and gloomy, muddy and full of bugs, But that is nature, it is that which exists and the parts fit wonderfully and intricately together in a dance of life.

Beautiful photography does not come from thousands of dollars invested in fancy equipment or the latest whiz bang filters and gadgets. Beautiful images come out of hard work and hours of dedication and learning. It is my passion to be immersed in nature, it is my fervent desire to present the natural world in beauty and truth through my photography.

I know my upcoming trip will be successful, not because of filling memory cards with thousands of shots or sneaking up on a wild animal to get "that" shot to make people oh and ah. It will be successful because I have gone back to my roots to the one place that brings solace and comfort to everyone that spends the time in her embrace.

Thank you for reading.