"A Land Before Time" A Landscape Story


Nature's spirit is the ebb and flow of each day: the swaying trees, roaring tides, and rhythmic breaths taken each and every second. The essence of Nature breathes life into the entire fabric of existence: her enlivened spirit is the guardian for every living creature, her voice embedded into every soul. We are all born to appreciate her guidance, our footsteps feeling the rhythm of life's symphony. It is an ancient melody we all know and inherently teach future generations. 

As we enter the wilderness, we occupy this spirit, adhering to its rhythm. We all seek solitude in nature's presence, the grandeur breathing a sense of calm into all who encounter her. 

When this spiritual essence meets the camera's lens, how is the sense of this endless grandeur captured? Can an eternal spirit be captured through just this one perspective? 

Landscapes constantly shift their spaces as new encounters yearn to shape them. Our footprints embed into the ground, a temporary mark left; yet, our stories and knowledge of space if left, an immaterial trace that is added forever into the deep temporal history of the landscape. Ebb and flow: like the tide, the presence of life alters the landscapes, and adds patina into its ever increasing layers of natural history. 

I've been photographing the coastlines and forests of British Columbia for two decades and am still in awe of every grande vista and tiny forest fern I encounter. Nature has no replacement or stand-in, she is of and for herself magnificent and whole. I am privileged to touch her spirit. Her magic is everywhere!